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"Absolutely brilliant Gus!"
Sarah Fox
BAA World Duty Free

Freelance Cartoonist and Caricature Artist for clients in Hampshire, London, UK

Business needs all the laughs it can get. Spice up a dull report, caricature the boss or give a colleague a leaving present to remember - the opportunities are endless.
You'll find a few examples on this page although some of them won’t mean a thing as they were private jokes aimed at specific audiences. I was fortunate to be retained by 'The Daily Telegraph" a couple of years back, drawing a weekly cartoon in the business section with Guy Browning writing the lines. Unfortunately for us both, the paper was purchased by a couple of famous press barons and we were "Out with the bath water" as they say. Still, you've got to laugh!
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Gus Russell, 33 Richmond Court, Fleet Road, Hampshire, UK, GU51 3AL - TEL: 01252 623601 - EMAIL: