Magic Marker Visuals
“Thanks for your fantastic design
for the re-brand to "Piacetto"
at Apex Plaza Reading. It's our
showcase site.”
Alison Sault
Tchibo Coffee International
I love design work. I usually approach Design by separating the tasks in order and costing them individually i.e. First rough visuals, Mac visuals (if required), Artwork and Printing. Working this way commits clients to first stage costs only, so progress is measured, manageable and visible. I do not charge retainers or work on a monthly fee basis. Competitive pitches are always fully paid to an agreed budget whether you win or lose them. Specialist suppliers in the design process are briefed and managed by myself and I have a long and effective track record with all of them. Their costs are quoted in advance and are plus a handling charge. Management time is charged at an agreed hourly rate and to time sheet.

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