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Gus is a UK Storyboard Artist, Freelance Art Director and skilled Cartoonist based in Hampshire, near London.

Hi, my name is Gus Russell. I am a freelance art director, cartoonist and storyboard artist based in Hampshire and within reach of London, UK.

People usually come to me because they’re looking for a cartoonist, storyboard artist or design, concept and visualising skills. Well that’s exactly what I do. You'll see many examples here, but what I can't show you is the thinking behind the artwork.
As a freelance art director, storyboard artist and cartoonist I produce fast concept drawings, storyboards, illustration, magic marker visuals and cartoons to direct clients and advertising agencies, film/production companies and PR agencies.
I also provide creative thinking services including ad campaigns for press, TV, radio and e-mail.
This includes all design services including website design and production.

If you require concept drawings, a storyboard artist, illustration, magic marker visuals or a cartoonist please contact me for a chat.

Gus Russell
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Gus Russell, 33 Richmond Court, Fleet Road, Hampshire, UK, GU51 3AL - TEL: 01252 623601 - EMAIL:
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