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"Your genius is only matched by your ability with a pint glass."
Guy Browning

Looking for Storyboard Artists in Hampshire, London or elsewhere in the UK?

I draw storyboards for Movies, TV and Corporate films. To get them right, storyboard artists need have to have the eye of a director, bringing to life the pictures from the script or the brief. Storyboard artists have to think like the characters and get inside their minds. What would they do and how would they act? Is it a long medium or close up frame?  How can I create more drama by thinking about the angle of the shot? Storyboard frames vary in cost according to size, style and finish. If you've got a couple of minutes, have a look at me drawing one by clicking on the video button (below left). In any event the principle's the same as any other visualising, get in touch, we discuss the brief, talk about the approach and then agree a cost.

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